Latvian National Museum of Art - Riga Bourse

Heating and heat transfer stations, Ventilation and air-conditioning system design, System service, Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design, Air-conditioning system installation, Ventilation system installation Area, m2: 9000 Air exchange, m3/h: 45000

The art Museum "Riga Bourse" is part of the Latvian National Museum of Art, which is based on the Foreign Art Museum collection. Latvian National Museum of Art is the largest professional art repository in the country, which takes an important place in the cultural value accumulation, preservation, popularization in Latvia and abroad. The museum regularly hosts art exhibitions, participate in international projects, prepare museum publications, organizes scientific conferences, various art and cultural events.

In building management system is integrated:

  •    550 Deos controllers data points;
  •    480 Alerton controllers data points;
  •    33 KNX installations;
  •    50 Modbus points;
  •    1055 BACnet data points in management system.

The former Stock Exchange building or Museum of Foreign Art reconstruction is the company SIA '' Lafivents '' one of the most difficult, complicated and at the same time, one of the most interesting objects in the 18 years of existence. After a lengthy inspecting  and research was made ventilation, air conditioning, heating and automation technical project design. In object attic, there are specially designed 7 air handling units, adiabatic cooling unit Menerga and cooling pump center.