Lecture "Iekštelpu gaisa kvalitāte"


Prof.Arturs Lešinskis introduces Latvian architects with current events in our sector with lectures about indoor air quality. Measures for the development of professional competence (Professi…

Construction industry general agreement


Lafivents Ltd represents company part of industry who wants to make sustainable construction industry, which include safety, quality, outline development and industry competitiveness. Today Lafive…

Prof. Lešinska guest-lecture Tallinn University of Technology


Prof.Arturs Lešinskis was a guest in Tallinn University of Technology with guest-lecture for HVAC field of study 4th year students and building energy efficiency program students. Lecture m…

REHVA General Assembly 2018


21.-22.04.2018 in Brussels occured REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations) strategic sector policy-making meetings and general assembly. Participants…

Nikolajs Bogdanovs presents SIA Lafivents research in conference in Sweden


In Sweden, Kiruna city on March 11th - 16th Nikolajs Bogdanovs presents SIA Lafivents reaserch "Increasing buildings automation systems efficiency with real-time simulation trough improved mach…

In collaboration with ELEKTRUM taking part in forum "Klientam un dabai draudzīgas un ekonomiski pamatotas telpu mikroklimata iekārtas un risinājumi"


In collaboration with Energy efficiency center ELEKTRUM SIA Lafivents takes part in forum "Klientam un dabai draudzīgas un ekonomiski pamatotas telpu mikroklimata iekārtas un risinājumi"…

Initiative "Ko Tu Elpo"


Lafivents initiative "Ko Tu Elpo" founded with aim to inform, educate public and raise awareness about significant indoor air quality impact on person's health and productivity.



Supporting "DOD PIECI" initiative to find loving families and homes for every children in Latvia who are living in orphanage. In Latvia there are 1200 children who are growing up without…

Merry Christmas 2017


THANK YOU for confidence, collaboration and this year! This year potter Krists Ozoliņš created very special Christmas presents.. true Latvian clay crockery made by hand and burnt in brick-k…

Taking part in HVAC system commisioning for developing Europe guidelines in Paris


Prof.Arturs Lešinskis taking part in REHVA organized working group of Europe HVAC experts, with aim to develop guidelines for commisioning HVAC systems.    

In Company's property Lejupes street 9, Riga occured evening of alternative classical music festival "Sansusī"


We are happy to support "Sansusī" ideas to make serious music available and more understanding through carrying it in nature, forest and our hangar... Alternative classical music festival…

Stockholm School of Economics students from Sweden are developing project for company evolution


Intesive two week work has ended where five Masters degree students from Stockholm School of Economics - Helena Eneli Heno (Estonia), Cornelius Menke (Germany), Aditya Krishnamoorthy (India), Moa Ka…

Introducing youth with microclimate systems and their energy efficient monitoring technology


Today our new talented engineers Kristīne Barbaniška, Alvis Epners and Kārlis Vītols introduced 9th graders from E.Glika Alūksnes Valsts secondary school with Latvia National museum of Art mi…

RTU Golden fund


On Thursday, September 28th, in a celebratory ceremony Riga Technical University (RTU) announced 72 names of the most outstanding graduates, which are a part of the RTU Golden fund selection. Lafi…

21. birthday


We celebrated the anniversary of our company by coming together and thinking over our values on the road to better results, this time sailing in Andrejosta with the help of the head of Mercuri Inter…

We took part in the development of BMS testing protocols


From September 13th to 14th 2017, the REHVA organized BMS specialist group work in Paris took place with the goal to create Eurovent subunits for the ABCE CxC proposed guidelines for BMS system test…

Seaside drive


Our colleague Roberts Circenis is not only great captain in managing works but also on water - leading the catamaran over 10 years. Thanks to Robert and his family for wonderful journey!



We are continuing our tradition of spending time together with our colleagues, doing road trips and exploring Latvian cities - this time, Kuldīga. The unharmed old town of Kuldīga is charming with i…

A. Krūmiņš hosted a lecture called “Energy management systems”


On January 25th 2017, Andris Krūmiņš in the Elektrum Energy Efficiency centre seminar “Energy efficiency of ventilation systems” hosted a lecture called “Energy management s…

Andris Krūmiņš has been elected as an associate professor


Lafivents member of the board Andris Krūmiņš has been elected as an associate professor in Riga Technical University faculty of Building. For many years Andris has been working in the compa…

5 years for Lafivents Serviss


At  the end of year we celebrated 5 year anniversary of Lafivents serviss. Greetings to Lafivents serviss head Juris Gūtmanis and strong, high-powered team! Wish you good luck, never ending gro…

We have joined LSGŪTIS


We have joined as members to the association of our field of specialisation: Latvian Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers Association (LSGŪTIS). Our investment and gain:    the…

Workshop: Vieda darba vieta


The workshop cycle: VIEDA DARBA VIETA is made to find solutions for evolving modern workplace, for wise company managment which creates product and service with high added value. On November 9, 20…

We are certified in energy management ( KBR, Germany )


Andris Krūmiņš, member of the board in Lafivents Ltd., and Nikolajs Bogdanovs, head of building management and automation design, mastered the KBR (Germany) course and were certified in monit…

Lafivents Ltd. announces the accepting of postdoctoral applications for the operational program’s “Growth and employment”


Lafivents Ltd. announces the accepting of postdoctoral applications for the operational program’s “Growth and employment” 1.1.1. specific sponsorship purpose “Increase Latvia…

20 years birthday


We thank all of our cooperation partners for all of the work we have done together in 20 years! Continuing the tradition, we waited for the anniversary of our company while thinking about how we c…

Lafivents calls for support for future engineers in Latvia


Has started campaign about quality education and engineering sciences popolarization initiated by last year founded RTU Engineering highschool. In campaign home page anyone can vote f…

Successfully certified in Lithuania


On 09.08.2016 Andris Krūmiņš, member of the board and head of the automation and management department, also examined in the construction standards of Lithuania and successfully certified in…

Internship in Lafivents wiht scholarship


Our creative workers in collaboration with RTU Attīstības fonds  appels to student internship. Internship otions in the building automation department and in the designer position. LAfivents is…

Magazine Latvijas Būvniecība about the reconstruction work of the Saeima building


Magazine Latvijas Būvniecība about the reconstruction work of the Saeima building, Jēkaba street 6/8, Riga. Lafivents constructed the heating, heat sink, water and sewerage network, automation and c…

Team LAFIVENTS wins 3rd place in tennis Latvijas Klubu Komandu Čempionātā


Latvijas Klubu Komandu Čempionātā tennis 35+ A.league Men class 3rd place - team LAFIVENTS More about event: Latvijas Tenisa savienības ziņās

This year we get to know Cēsis


This year we went to Cēsis - eight teams got to know the city and mutually competed to see who could visit most of the cultural and historical places in the city. We also got to know the ancient e…

Lafivents Service workers takes part in training in Slovenia


Lafivents Service workers took part in two day Menerga GMBH seminar in Slovenia, to master construction, guidance and service of Resolair equipment.

Training "Leading a potential transaction in order"


Lafivents worker Romualds Beļinskis aquires new knowledge with taking part in two day Marcuri International Latvi training "Leading a potential transaction in order"

Andris Krūmiņš takes part in World Championships in tennis


In Umaga, Croatia occured annual ITF World Championships in Young Seniors (35+) group. Lafivents Board member Andris Krūmiņš with team members Aivars Linkevičs and Guntars Mihailovs took part…

Ltd. "Lafivents" practical skills promotion scholarship


"Lafivents" Ltd. in collaboration with the Foundation "Riga Technical University Development Fund" announces a scholarship grant procedure Ltd. "Lafivents" practical sk…

Hannover Messe 2016


Only in Hannover can you find five leading international trade fairs taking place at the same time under one roof. All key technologies and core areas of industry – from research and developme…

Lafivents Service receive gratitude from SRS


Lafivents Service received gratitude from State Revenue Service about fulfilling the commitments laid down in regulatory enactments and made significant contributions to the State budget in good fa…

Best building in Latvia 2015


Latvijas Būvnieku asociācijas, Latvijas Būvinženieru savienības, Latvijas Būvuzņēmēju and 13 construction industry professional non-state organization organized national display "Gada labākā bū…

Cultural and historical expedition to Liepaja


We went to explore the city Liepaja - eight teams competed to each other as much as possible visiting cultural and historical objects in  Karosta and in the heart of the city. Also we enjoyed…

Lafivents visited recognized teacher Swami Džatavedu from India with seminar about stress managing


On Tuesday, June 9, Ltd. Lafivents visited recognized teacher Swami Džatavedu from India. We operate in one of the stressful industries, every day faced with various stressful situations, thereby…

Lafivents employees starts volleyball season


Lafivents employees starts volleyball season at  their own built volleyball courts in Lejupes Street 9th.

Allerton Conference in Barcelona


On 2015.  01.- 03. June in Spain, Barcelona, was held Alerton organized international conference about the latest in software and controllers solutions. The conference was also attended by Ltd.…

Latvia University of Agriculture 40 years anniversary get-together for construction specialties


Faculty of Rural Engineering (LIF) is one of the largest and traditions richest LAU faculties, which offers education for future construction engineers for 40 years. LIF currently offers a wide arch…

Andris Krūmiņš KEYNOTE SPEAKER at REHVA Annual Conference 2015


In REHVA (European heat, ventilation and air-conditioning technology associations Federation) Annual Conference, which took place in Riga, one of the "Keynote speakers" was Lafivents Ltd.…

Prof. Arturs Lesinskis and Dr. Arturs Brahmanis received REHVA professional Awards


On 7 May 2015 in cultural palace “Ziemeļblāzma” during REHVA (Europien heat, ventilation and air-conditioning technology associations Federation) Gala Dinner was held REHVA professional…

REHVA Annual Conferece 2015 Workshop session on May 7, 2015


Workshop - Trends of Innovative Systems and Products for SMART BUILDINGS As a part of International REHVA Annual Conference "Advanced HVAC and Natural Gas Technologies" in Riga, we prepa…

Our company visited by global absorption equipments manufacturer BROAD


Our company visited by global absorption equipments manufacturer BROAD European Representation Manager Mr. Hu Haidong. Absorption equipment is used when the power source is available waste heat or…

Our company visited by Dr.Bahnfleth, ASHRAE


On 05.05.2015 we had the honour to welcome in Lafivents office and workshop preperation session Dr. William P. Bahnfleth. Dr. Bahnfleth is a professor and director of the Indoor Environment Center…

BMS Designer/programmer Nikolajs Bogdanovs obtain RTU engineering doctoral degree


On 08 January, 2015 BMS Designer/ Programmer Nikolajs Bogdanovs in RTU defending his promotion work " Development and analyzing of models for performance evaluation of vehicular heterogeneous w…

Project manager Arthur Brahmanis obtain RTU engineering doctoral degree


On 24 November, 2014 Project Manager Arthur Brahmanis in RTU defending his promotion work "Indirect evaporative cooling in air conditioning systems" obtains doctoral degree in engineering.…

Certificate of Electrical installation works in Sweden


BMS specialist Andris Krumins, Ltd. Lafivents Automation Department Director receives the certificate of electricial installation works in Sweden.

Our specialists installed BMS in K-rauta, Sweden


With the goal of reducing the electricity and heat consumption, Lafivents specialists installed the BMS (building automation management systems) in K-rauta, Umea, Sweden. In UMEA K-RAUTA shopping…

Award of Construction Industry 2014 - Andris Krumiņš receives the award "Engineer of the year"


The Minister Of Economics Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis greets "Annual Awards of Construction Industry 2014" laureate in the category "Year Engineer 2014"  - LTD. Lafivents board m…

Award of Construction Industry 2014 - Arthur Leshinsky receives the award "Lifetime achevement in construction industry"


The president of Latvia Andris Berzins greets "Annual Awards of Construction Industry 2014" laureate in the category "Lifetime achevement in construction industry" - Ltd. "L…

Arthur Leshinsky lecture about the LNB cooling system with water of the river Daugava


Arthur Leshinsky lecture about the LNB cooling system with water of the river Daugava. In Latvian National Library (LNB) of 2nd and 3rd floor opening event LTD. Lafivents Chairman of the Board, Dr…

Employees build volleyball courts with their own hands


During the joint work employees created two beach volleyball courts and carried out  the company's territory improvement activities. The fields will be used in summer sports activities.…