We work in Riga most wild island Krūmiņsala and support festival SANSUSI


Employees of the company, in cooperation with the shore cleaning enthusiasts of the RTU Faculty of Architecture and the organizers of the SANSUSI festival, took part in several working sessions, duri…

We support magazine's IR Initiative


We support magazine's IR initiative, we have made it possible for visitors to the Malta Parish Library to read the IR magazine by giving away an annual subscription so that those who do not hav…



Supporting "DOD PIECI" initiative to find loving families and homes for every children in Latvia who are living in orphanage. In Latvia there are 1200 children who are growing up without…

Taking part in HVAC system commisioning for developing Europe guidelines in Paris


Prof.Arturs Lešinskis taking part in REHVA organized working group of Europe HVAC experts, with aim to develop guidelines for commisioning HVAC systems.

In Company's property Lejupes street 9, Riga occured evening of alternative classical music festival "Sansusī"


We are happy to support "Sansusī" ideas to make serious music available and more understanding through carrying it in nature, forest and our hangar... Alternative classical music festival…

Introducing youth with microclimate systems and their energy efficient monitoring technology


Today our new talented engineers Kristīne Barbaniška, Alvis Epners and Kārlis Vītols introduced 9th graders from E.Glika Alūksnes Valsts secondary school with Latvia National museum of Art mi…

Taking part in developing guidlines for BMS testing protocols in Paris


From September 13th to 14th in Paris was REHVA organized group work by BMS experts. The aim was to develop guidelines for testing BMS system proposed by Eurovent subordinate unit "ABCE CxC"…

Support for RTU Engineering secondary school


With the next school year work will start  RTU Engineering School There will learn best minds - the winners of olympiads and those young people who resist the competition (this yea…

Support for REHVA 2015 industry conference in Riga


We are satisfied and honored that European level industries event this year was held in Riga. We provided contribute and support to REHVA (European heat, ventilation and air conditioning technology…

Support for charity campaign "Angels over Latvia 2014"


Also, we took part in sincere charity campaign "Angels over Latvia" donating for seriously ill child treatment.

Support for LUA construction specialty


Important part of Lafivents team are LUA construction specialty graduates. We believe that good education is the basis of professionalism, and therefore with great pleasure we support projects assoc…

Support for Latvian Volleyball Federation


Every athlete strives for success. Success is result of hard, long and patient work, for achieving it support is  invaluable. Lafivents is FOR support sport activities. With great pleasure we s…

Support for surrounding poor people


For several years we donate to Katlakalna Evangelical Lutheran Church, with the aim to support the surrounding poor people by giving the opportunity to visit a soup kitchen.

Support for Latvian National Museum of Art "Riga Bourse" organized readings "200 years for Harald Julius von Bosem"


With great pleasure we support projects associated with culture. This time, supporting the Latvian National Museum of Art and the Riga Bourse building reconstruction project author Liesma Markova or…

Support for charity campaign "Sunny days for our children"


Lafivents responding to newspaper Diena invitation to participate in a charity campaign "Sunny days for our children", took part in hospital parents house reconstruction and improvement su…