Riga Castle

Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design Area, m2: 10000

The Riga Castle management and automation system is realized using Deos controllers and software. Centralized management of engineering system will ensure simple exploitation, instant alarm reports receiving, operation parameter monitoring and equipments energy-efficient management. The project unite a several building automation protocols: BACnet, Modbus, MBUSA.

In object are managed / monitored engineering systems:

Electric power supply:

  •    electricity consumption reading;
  •    outdoor lighting management;
  •    ventilation and air conditioning;
  •    air handling units, separate operating ventilators control according to the control circuits;
  •    separate exhaust ventilators control;
  •    climate control in office premises;
  •    in case of fire alarm a ventilation units disconnection and  inlet and exhaust air valves closing;
  •    floor heating manifold management.

Heating unit:

  •    heating parameters control, reading;
  •    pump and valve control;
  •    heat consumption meter reading data;
  •    cooling  parameters control.

Water supply and sewerage system:

  •    water pump station monitoring;
  •    sewage pumping station monitoring;
  •    water consumption reading;
  •    fat separator monitoring;
  •    pressure boosting equipment monitoring.

In building management system integrated:

  •    70 climate zones;
  •    territory lighting;
  •    11 ventilation equipments;
  •    2 cooling equipments;
  •    heat unit;
  •    1 diesel generator;
  •    electricity, heat and water meters;
  •    VAV system valves.