Riga Technical University - Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

Air-conditioning system installation, Ventilation system installation Area, m2: 10340 Air exchange, m3/h: 101950

RTU Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAUP) is located in Creative industries center. This is the first university territorial complex or campus "RTU - City in a city" renovated building during the project, that opens the doors to students in autumn 2014.

By implementing this extensive project "RTU - city in the city"  was created the modern engineering study center in the Baltic region  - the city for students, that in future will make RTU Faculties, administrative buildings and the Scientific Library. This is the largest campus project in Latvia.

The ventilation system consists of 10 air handling units with a total air exchange 101 950 m3 / h and two chillers with a total cooling capacity 550 kW.

The project is unique with that the interior of the building had to be constructed with fully open engineering utilities. It was done with the purpose that future architects can see what it looks like in life, because their correct planning is one of the most complex works for new architects. From Lafivents workers it took extra care and patience, because each anchorage, connection had to be perfect.