Miks Garjāns receives an award for "Development of a Low Energy LoRa Data Transmission and Collection System"

Miks Garjāns receives LATVENERGO award for his bachelor's thesis "Development of a Low Energy LoRa Data Transmission and Collection System".

The paper describes the principles and limitations of wireless telemetry system development using unlicensed radio frequencies in LoRa technology. The telemetry system is viewed from the aspect of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Complementing the building automation system with a wireless sensor network. In the first part of the work, the author describes the basic principles of operation of public building automation systems. The benefits of more accurate control of a building's physical processes with more sensors are described in more detail. The theoretical part discusses the limitations of using unlicensed radio frequencies and LoRa technology without violating the legal limits of ISM frequencies.

In the practical part, the author describes the development of a device based on the computer Raspberry Pi and SX1276 chip for receiving LoRa radio frequency information. The practical part also describes the development of equipment based on ESP32 microcontroller for data transmission in LoRa protocol. The practical part includes a description of the communication sequence, the development of the design of the circuit board and the basic electrical circuit of the device, the development of the 3D model of the device and the design of the housing.