Riga Motor Museum and the RTSD office building

Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design Area, m2: 10200

Riga Motor Museum, that was built in 1988, has become one of the most popular brands in the Baltics, that is fancied by the fans of antique cars, because this is the first and, at the moment, the biggest antique car museum in the Baltics.

Modern requirements for other parameters of heat insulation and the need to modernize the exhibition halls led to thinking about the reconstruction of the building. This coincided with the CSDD ask to builda new customer service and office building, and, as a result, both of these projects are combined into a single unit.

"Riga Motor Museum" is being reconstructed, scrupulously preserving nuances of its historical image, although modern materials are being used, and alongside a new 5-storey office building is being built. Both buildings are connected on the third-floor level by a hallway, partly symbolizing that the museum has moved into the care of CSDD.

In building management system is integrated :

  •    90 climate zones;
  •    territory lighting;
  •    12 ventilation equipments;
  •    2 cooling equipments;
  •    1 diesel generator;
  •    cooling center, heat center;
  •    heat meters.

Building management system (BMS) is being installed to Riga Motor Museum reconstructed building and RTSD customer service center. BMS functions are similar, but each building has its own independent management system, which is realized by DEOS controllers and software. For service needs both buildings are connected by a local area network (Ethernet cable). BMS will provide energy efficient equipment management, precise climate control, operational alarm signal receiving and prevention, simply system management / monitoring.