Latvian National Museum of Art

Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design, Air-conditioning system installation, Ventilation system installation Area, m2: 7400 Air exchange, m3/h: 67500

Latvian National Museum of Art is the largest professional art repository in the country, which takes an important place in the cultural value  accumulation, preservation, popularization in Latvia and abroad. The museum regularly organizes art exhibitions, participate in international projects, prepare museum publications, organizes scientific conferences, various art and cultural events.

In building integrated:

  •    9 AHU,
  •    29 ventilators,
  •    7 smoke extractors and pressure relief ventilators,
  •    1 chiller.

Latvian National Museum of Art reconstruction, restoration and new construction project provides a full renovation to historic building, as well as additional exhibitions and storage space construction of two underground floors, in the park area.
The building is designed for several mechanical ventilation systems with air handling units, separate exhaust systems for lavatory and kitchen technological equipments. The exhibition rooms will provide with the climate and the air flow automatic control. In artwork repositories will provide accurate air temperature, humidity and air exchange management.