Latvian National Library - The Castle of Light

System service, Control and automation systems design, Air-conditioning system installation, Ventilation system installation Area, m2: 45253 Air exchange, m3/h: 740000

Latvian National Library is one of the most important projects of the 21st century in Latvia, which gives the opportunity to become a modern world-class information and cultural center.

The building ventilation occurs with inlet - exhaust air handling unit, providing air exchange in the building 2 times per hour. The ventilation in offices and reading rooms is provided by the inlet - exhaust air handling unit, and each floor book storage serves individual recirculation air handling units. Air depending on the necessity is heated, cooled, humidified or dehumidified. For the building cooling is used three cooling units. In infrastructure building is located 2 water-cooled chillers "Carrier" with a capacity of 4 MW + 800 kW, which operate on the principle of the cascade. To the main building is fed cooled water 5.50C. For this chiller condenser side cooling or heat ejection is used the Daugava water.

In the main building is provided:

  •    inlet air cooling in the reading rooms, office spaces and book storages;
  •    the server rooms are cooled using the "Fan coil" equipment and precise air conditioners;
  •   11 - 12th floor glazed space cooling using in floor-mounted "Fan coil" equipment and cooled floors.

The 3rd equipment is mounted in the main building's basement floor - the German company Menerga adiabatic process cooling chillers, which is used for server room cooling during the winter period when the cooling in public spaces of the main building  isn't needed and the infrastructure building equipments are disabled.