K-rauta, Umea, Sweden

Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design

 In UMEA K-RAUTA shopping center Lafivents reconstructed building management and automation systems. Reconstruction goal is centralized management / monitoring engineering systems of buildings. Constant systems remote monitoring, correct parameters management and operation of algorithms will provide the system's more energy-efficient operation compered to before the conversion.The first 3 months after conversion energy consumption analysis shows that savings average  is 15% compared with the previous year electricity and heating energy consumption. Rebuilding investment expected payback period is 1.8 years.

Rebuilt building automatization includes:

  •        heating system`s management;
  •        AHU management;
  •        Outdoor lighting management, including the car park, advertising, facade, warehouse building lighting groups;
  •        Air blower control in rooms.

The system is designed with DEOS controllers. The system management is ensured with open Web program. The created VPN access solution provides secure remote systems management, monitoring via an Internet connection. The software data archiving function provides a historical data analysis, which allows accept the correct decisions of system operation. The software is equipped with a logbook function  which fix each user activity. Built-in Event Server sends alert SMS / Email to selected user groups, which allows instantly to fix the alarm situation.