Inovations and technologies in the building of State Revenue Service

System service, Installation of the building automation, Control and automation systems design, Air-conditioning system installation Area, m2: 43000

The new State Revenue Service building in Riga has been put into service in 2014  on 17 April, and started to function daily mode. The SRS building is Lafivents realized one of the biggest and remarkable projects in building automation solutions in Latvia in last years.

In building management system is integrated:

  •    1600 climate zones;
  •    building lighting, territory lighting;
  •    1300 outdoor blinds for windows,;
  •    23 ventilation equipment;
  •    10 cooling equipment;
  •    cooling unit, heat unit;
  •    cold accumulation system;
  •    3 diesel generators;
  •    laboratory ventilation management system;
  •    Data Center Monitoring 2000 data points;
  •   ARI electricity grid systems, energy meters.

There are used several of solutions for building cooling, they differ in different areas, because they have different settings. In roof area  are located the cooling equipment, that is functioning between the two vertical plates and do not damage the overview. In office area cooling is done with water cooled chillers, compressors are fed by the mains.

The basement floor has built-in two 50m3 tanks filled with ethylene glycol and a polymer made cold energy accumulation balls (10 cm diameter). At night, using cheaper electricity, balls are freezing in, but in day they are melting, cooling energy is returned to the cooling system. For room cooling are used built-in ceiling "Fan Coil" equipment. In order to reduce Data center cooling energy consumption is used for free cooling mode. Kitchen area is cooled by the ventilation system.  This area ventilation systems are equipped with a cooling heat exchangers, which cool the inlet air, maintaining a certain kitchen temperature, and in transition periods (outdoor air temperature from -5 ° C to +10 ° C) central water chillers operate as a heat pump, it performs the opposite function - air heating.