Arturs Lešinskis, Prof.
Chairman of the Board

The company's founder and introducer of quality and knowledge-based philosophy. Within two decades has given significant contribution in many civil engineering climate solutions for many Latvia`s major buildings.
In the Universities RTU, LLU and RISEBA teaches industry courses and is recognised new generation professional teacher.
In paralel with practical work generating solutions for projects and educational work, also giving contribution in developing industry's norms and legislation. Thanks to Mr. Lešinskis competence, were created several Latvian construction norms and building energy efficiency directives.
Member of Latvian Association of Civil Engineers, European (REHVA) and American (ASHRAE) engineers association, member of Latvian Heat, Gas and Water Technology Standardisation technical committee and Terminology comission, has been member of presidium of Construction Industry NGO Coordination Centre and board chairman of LSGŪTIS.
In 2014 elected as Latvian Agricultural and Forest Sciences Academy Honour member. Received awards - Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia Gas JSC and RTU Development Fund award for lifetime achievement in science; Latvian Association of Civil Engineers award "In preparation of the new Civil Engineers"; LSGŪTIS Award for lifetime achievement in the development of thermal technology  in Latvia; Latvia Construction Industry award in 2014  for lifetime achievement in construction industry.

"Do not forget to do the impossible to achieve the possible."

Madars Zariņš,
Board Member, Managing Director

Charismatic leader who excites and inspires his team for the best solutions. One of the best Latvian engineers for ventilation and air conditioning systems, together with his team of specialists have implemented building climate solutions in many significant Latvia buildings. More than 15 years of experience in the company.

"All the obstacles and difficulties are the steps by which we climb up"

Daina Kona, MBA
Board Member, Financial Director

Has been with company more than 15 years in times of growth, and times of crisis. "Our priority has always been honest attitude to our employees and partners, it is also the base for a sustainable and reliable business."

“It is not about future prediction, but about its creation.”

Andris Krūmiņš, Asoc.Prof.
Board Member,  Automation Department Director

One of the best Latvian specialists in building automation area, together with his team of specialists have developed building control and automation projects and implemented building automation solutions to enhance the energy efficiency in major Latvia builings.
More than 15 years of experience in the company.
Being a board member of Latvian Heat, Gas and Water Technology Engineers Associasion, contributes in strategic issues of industry development, participates in the development of industry's national standards, consults  projects and researches and examines independent expertises. Docent at Riga Technical University, doing strategical and necessary pedagogical work, providing to the students knowledge and skills of modern building automation programming.
In 2013 became the Latvian champion in tennis for seniors 35+ group.
Awarded as "Engineer of the year 2014", Latvia Construction Industry Award.

“If something doesn't happen the way it should, there are only two options: whether is tested your patience, or you should go another way ".

Valdis Šulbergs, Dipl. Ing.
Production Manager

More than 15 years experience in the company by managing and organizing the ventilation and air conditioning systems installation works. Knowledgeable, experienced and honest manager, managing project site-specialists to deliver excellent installation work quality.

“The greatest honor we can show to people is to trust them. "

Juris Gūtmanis
Lafivents serviss Ltd. Board Member, Managing Director

More than 6 years experience in the company.  Energetic, innovative and progressive manager who has created the service structure that is able to service the projects in the whole Latvia territory. Togeather with his team delivers excellent system servicing and maintenance.

"It's not hard, just need to know how”